Monday, September 3, 2012

True that.

Artwork by Rita Gomes aka Wasted Rita aka maker of my mantra.
So. I've been meaning to launch this blog-store-adoption agency for about a year now.  But I've been slacking.  Or something.   I have a million ideas for what I want to write about, but I've been waiting.

Waiting until I get my blog header design Just So.  Waiting for my bruises from the ugly stick to heal so that I can post some personal style pictures.  Waiting until I get a better camera.  Or maybe just a better phone with a better camera.   Waiting until I organize everything I want to sell.  Telling myself I have to get organized and get a game plan and that I need to have the whole shebang finalized in my head, as if it's going to be carved in stone or tattooed on my back or sent to the printers and can't grow or evolve, or otherwise be modified, once I Make My First Move.  Just waiting.  Or procrastinating.

Definitely procrastinating.

The thing about setting personal goals for myself, unlike, say, the homework deadlines I had in school and the project deadlines I have at that I can keeping pushing back the due date without any real consequences.  I get online with really good intentions: to write a blog post or edit some of the photos for my unwritten blog post and I end up sucked into this tumblr-Pinterest vortex saving inspiring pictures to my hard drive for my dream wedding (I'm single) and searching eBay for a pair of Rachel Comey heels I saw worn by a subject in some fashion blog's archives from 2008.   It's very much like this, only not as funny.  It's like I have ADHD when it comes to Getting Started.

Then, I came across this image of a simple phrase whilst lost in a sea of at least twenty open tabs in my browser and something clicked.  No more waiting.  No more procrastinating.  I can look at pretty pictures and other people's great ideas...or I can Make My Own!   I know this all sounds kind of basic and you're probably thinking I'm not a very bright crayon, but seeing that image was Game Changing!   And, six or so months later, here I am!  Look out internets!  I've got my shit together and I'm finally getting this party started!  Stay tuned and read more about what's to come!

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