Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tee Party Afterparty!

The Rocky shirt got me thinking of other movies with memorable tees.  Here are two more vintage favorites:

Jean Seberg as Patricia in Breathless (1960) and the Rodarte t-shirt designed for the 50th anniversary.  Polly tee from A.P.C. and the original Polly tee from Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? (1966).

Coincidentally, both of these films are French and made me realize I've been on French movie binge lately.  It probably started in July, when Turner Classic Movies featured a bunch of films by François Truffaut.  (The 400 Blows!)  And then Amélie is easily one of my favorite movies...and I love this song (and the corny choreography, and the metallic jeans) from Les Demoiselles de Rochefort almost as much as I love "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky.

This isn't a movie blog so I'll bring it back to fashion and that statement t-shirt dilemma we discussed last time:  Clearly, what I need is this PARIS tee from Madewell.  But I've never been to Paris!  But I want to go!  (One day...)  Plus, the shirt has a nice feel to it and, really, it's no worse than wearing my vintage ARMY tee when I've never been in the army:

So the vintage army tee would also go well with those camo-printed jeans... Army tee is in the shop.

I have been to Disney World and I love this vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that's also in the shop:

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

I'm no lifeguard, but I love the perfect distressing on this vintage lifeguard tee:

I rescued this shirt.

I also love this one: super soft and sheer and also raises so many questions:

Step aside, unofficial lifeguards.  Marmaduke does pool parties right.  Is it a crime to imitate an official lifeguard?

Is imitating a lifeguard better or worse than misleading people to think you've stolen/borrowed your clothes from any Tom, Dick, or Harry?  Or Bill?  I'm in love with the screenprint on this vintage sweatshirt despite not knowing the Bill who owned it previously:

This screenprint is pretty rad.  I imagine Bill may have been a badass and I can only hope he had a matching tattoo.

A few months ago I sold most of my brass nameplate belt buckles from the seventies.  They were awesome.  Inevitably, whenever I wore one I'd endure half a dozen conversations regarding whose belt I was wearing and why.  (My favorite non-answer: 'Trophies.')  I don't think my name is terribly uncommon: my parents didn't opt for a creatively-spelt version of it and it's the kind of name you can find printed on a keychain at an airport kiosk or boardwalk shop.  But I've never seen the belt buckle incarnation.  When I decided to settle for my initials (and the even more popular nickname 'Al'), I finally, finally, finally found a plausible vintage buckle of my I very own:

I like to wear it casually with jeans, usually with the buckle off-center on my hip.

Having just the initials (or the word 'Al') is probably more understated.  Like the Hermès Constance belt.  And speaking of designers, I thrifted a knock-off Moschino bag a few years ago.  It had a broken strap I thought I could fix but it was beyond repair, or at least not worth the cost of a professional repair.  Anyway, I harvested it for the gold-tone metal letters:

Moschino No-no.

There's no 'A' or 'L' for my own name but I'm thinking of using them to accent key fobs or maybe cuff bracelets made with scraps of vintage fabric.  I've been feeling crafty and have a few projects in various stages of completion...I'll be sharing some vintage re-works soon!  In the mean time go watch Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.  Or at least the opening.  Take notes on how you should get out of bed every morning:

Timeless fashion in this movie.


  1. Man I wish I could find that Rodarte Breathless tee for sale somewhere!

    1. Georgia! First, I spied some BEAUTIFUL vintage on your blog...I'm in love with all the patterned 50s dresses!!! (And I think I need a bright blue velvet cape in my life, too!) Re: that Rodarte tee... I remember a couple popping up on eBay after they first came out/sold out but the prices were cray-zay! I haven't seen one for sale in awhile (please internet, jinx me and make one appear!) I think my/your best bet is to just get your own white tee screenprinted with 'New York Herald Tribune' across it; it'd be the same, but different...and probably cheaper! Good luck!