Friday, November 23, 2012

Autumn Shirt #1: Western Wrangler

Autumn Shirt #1: Western Wrangler, estimated L or XL, $20

This eighties shirt from Wrangler reminds me of something the old Brawny Paper Towels guy (the one with the Tom Selleck mustache thing going on) might wear.

When I found this image I came across this SNL clip, too.
I can totally imagine a tidy lumberjack chopping trees and hunting bears and gutting fish and doing other miscellaneous tasks in the pine forest while wearing this shirt and then using paper towels to wipe the sweat off his forehead and clean up his little work area in the woods at the end of the day.  I know this is a western shirt so it could also be suited to an imaginary cowboy, too.

What's that?  You don't want to feel like a mustachioed lumberjack in your vintage plaid?  Well.  I think it also looks just swell underneath a chunky cardigan with black skinny jeans and rugged ankle boots.  This shirt is a bit longer and could also work as a shirtdress with some ribbed tights and possibly a belt!  In fact, it reminds me of this lovely plaid shirtdress from Étoile Isabel Marant, as seen on the right:

Brothers from another mother...
LOLZ: the Marant shirt retailed for $370, mine wuz mo' like $3.70! #thatshitcray But to be fair, this one is only $298... *sighs* I love Isabel Marant.  Get the look for less!  (And, on a tangent of a tangent, does anyone remember when Elisabeth Hasselbeck was Elisabeth Filarski on the Look for Less?  And there was that one episode, where she went to, like, a yard sale with Cynthia Rowley... Ahh, I loved that show!)

And now, the boring stuff: I didn't find any flaws with this shirt.  It is a cotton-poly blend with a serged shirttail hem and pearl snaps down the front, on the pockets, and at the cuffs.  The tag size says XL/XG/TG.  The bust/chest, measured across the armpits is 27 inches, the bottom hem measures 26.5 inches across, and the length is 31 inches (see, totally appropriate as a shirtdress!), and shoulders are 21.5 inches across.  This shirt is available to buy here.

All of the plaid (and striped!) men's button-down shirts  featured on the blog (plus a few that aren't) can also be found in the Vintage Adoption Agency Etsy shop!  This shirt is part of my collection of plaid shirts. I wrote about them here.

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