Saturday, November 24, 2012

Too Soon.

Autumn Shirt #2: Yellow Striped Perfection, NOT FOR SALE

The one that almost got away...
I was planning to sell this shirt, I really was.  And then, I just couldn't. Not yet, anyway.  I love everything I'm selling, but I love this one too much to sell it and will put her back in my closet where she belongs.  This unassuming little shirt.  Obviously, I'm too young to be the original owner but I've had it for almost a decade.  It was my go-to shirt in the summertime.  (So this one isn't exclusively for autumn as it can clearly be worn year round.)  It always made my vacation packing list because it looks great over a swim suit at the beach, and with a pair of denim shorts, and then tucked into white jeans with a brown leather belt and flat sandals.

Now, as it's autumn and it's not for sale, I'm going to wear it with high-rise skinny jeans and ankle boots, underneath a fitted blazer.  Welcome back, old friend!

Sometimes I wish my dressform had legs.  Trade-off: I  WILL be selling the vintage brown leather ankle boots pictured as they're comically too big for my feet.
While I've never been in love with the slightly exaggerated seventies-style collar, I can overlook that minor detail because everything else about it is perfection: the fit, the length, the super softness, the color... every time I wear it I get a compliment on the color!  Sorry, I don't know what I was thinking.  Moving right along to the next shirt that will actually be available for adoption...

Always and forever.

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