Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Autumn Shirt #3: Father's Day Fail

Autumn Shirt #3: Father's Day Fail, estimated L or XL, $15

I love the colors on this windowpane plaid shirt from Arrow.  It came with the card stock tag (only $8.00!) still hooked to one of the buttons and the material feels crisp.  It was probably never worn.  I imagine this shirt was some well-intentioned Father's Day gift.  While we all know/pretend it's really the thought that counts, it's so annoying to get a gift that's prefaced with an explanation along the lines of 'I noticed you never wear/didn't have [gift]...so I got you that!'  This is not a fail-safe method of gift-shopping.  There are legit reasons why the recipient might never wear/not want said gift.  Maybe this guy hated plaid (deal breaker!), or yellow, or button-down shirts, or shirts altogether.  

I love different designs on old labels. This label says 'Arrow Weekenders' and just look how there is an arrow, literally going through the word 'Arrow' and just look at the casual and fun sunshine-y block lettering used for the word 'Weekenders,' with the letters literally skipping up and down.  Clever, right?  Corny, you say?  What?  Too literal?  Naw, it's cuuute...  As the card stock tag suggests, it's casual wear!  Or at least it's casual wear for people who don't normally wear casual wear...  

Lastly, another label tells us the shirt is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and and decton perma-iron (basically, it's permanent press...being 'casual' doesn't mean wrinkles!), the size says 17-17 1/2.  The measurements are 26.75 inches across the chest, measured beneath the arms, 27 inches across the bottom, 29.76 inches in length with shoulders 20.5 inches.  Double measurements where necessary.  

As I said, this shirt still had a hang tag on one of the buttons and it doesn't appear to have been worn.  However, there is one faint smudge/mark between the 4th and 5th button from the top.  It may come out in the wash but it may not.  I didn't attempt to remove it.  Priced accordingly.

All of the plaid (and striped!) men's button-down shirts  featured on the blog (plus a few that aren't) can also be found in the Vintage Adoption Agency Etsy shop!  This shirt is part of my collection of plaid shirts. I wrote about them here.

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