Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A few of my favorite things: bags edition

I love vintage bags!  I literally have suitcases full of them!  I've got suitcases of vintage bags like a certain presidential candidate had binders full of women!  (Too soon? ...Too late? Anyone?)  I figured the holidays are a good time to unload some of the fancier ones I rarely use because, really, how many little silver and gold lamé evening bags do I need?  (The answer, apparently, is five. But I swear, the rest of them are going to be in the shop soon!)

True story.

Here are some more of my all-time favorites (read: not for sale) and some that will be in the shop...really soon!

What time is it?  Time to be in love with this awesome clutch!

My grandmother gave me this black leather clutch/wallet (above) earlier this year.  It has a real watch attached to the front and it is STILL ticking after being tucked away for years.  It's a cool style and I love how smooth and soft the leather feels but even cooler was the stash of old pictures we found inside of it:

That would be my grandmother on the left holding my dad!

This little guy below is sooo cute!  It's a small satin evening bag from Scaasi (note the signature gold bow) and it has a contrasting bright fuchsia lining.  I love that it has a really long chain-link strap so it can be worn across the body...adorable!  I hope to find a new home for him soon! 

It's basically gift-wrapped.

This is my handbag du jour. I have a few green purses, but this one has the best, most saturated forest green color and I love that it's so structured.  It's surprisingly roomier than it looks with the dainty details.   I got it earlier this year at a thrift store.   The tag said $6.90...but I believe it was an additional 30% off on the day I bought it.

I love chain mail/metal meshl bags!  There are going to be a few of these in the shop.  (Really soon!)   I love this one because I'd never seen a cheetah-print (or any print) on a chain mail bag before.

How cool is this chain mail clutch with its chevron pattern?  (And it has a hidden strap so it converts into a shoulder bag!)   This one is going to be in the shop...if I don't change my mind about it!

This is another one that should be making an appearance in the shop.  (Soon!)   I love the rich blue velvet color and the tassel detail! So trend-conscious-bohemian-hippie-at-a-renaissance-fair-being-ironic-on-purpose...

Nice bag, m'lady...

Stay tuned!

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