Saturday, December 15, 2012

Woo! Progress!

The rest of the autumn shirt collection has finally arrived in the Etsy shop and with plenty of days to spare before it's officially winter. [Clap slowly.] A few introductions...

Autumn Shirt #5: Geek-chic from Matt Andrews, estimated Medium, $12

This guy would win the award for Most Autumnal shirt in this collection...if there was one. This plaid is sharp and graphic and means business. I'd tuck it into slim black cropped trousers with patent oxfords and break out my thick-rimmed geek-chic glasses.

Autumn Shirt #6: Farmer-chic from Koman, estimated Medium, $14


This shirt is perfectly soft and tissue-thin and slightly sheer (sex-ay...) and I'd style it the exact same way as this autumn shirt from earlier, tucked into a high rise jean...and maybe swap out the blazer for some kind of vest; a tailored, suit-y one or one of the puffy/outdoorsy variety. Yet, as with autumn shirt #4 that reminded me of my school bus driver, it's easy for me to imagine the slightly less fashionable beginnings here: this is the plaid shirt your grandpa wore all the time for years and years and years...possibly with overalls; it's familiar and comforting and cozy and makes me nostalgic for general stores and farmers.

Autumn Shirt #7: 70s Office-wear-chic, estimated Medium, $10

I was trying to keep up the 'chic' suffix that I used to describe the previous two shirts but this one kind of stumped me. I could see a seventies bank teller wearing it under a polyester suit for work and on the weekends with brown corduroy bell-bottoms. So versatile. Present day, I'd pair this one (which is tunic length) over skinny corduroys. and wooden platforms sandals (or clogs!) worn with thick socks.

I'm excited about the next collection that will be coming up soon! (Really. Tomorrow. Not like seven days from now...) In the meantime, check out the tumblr for a hint about what the theme could be!

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