Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scout's Style

Back in the day I was a Brownie. (Basically, pre-Girl-Scouts-lite, and, fittingly, Brownies wear light brown uniforms instead of green ones in a hideous not-quite-brown and not-quite-khaki color...)  I don't remember that much about it.

Once we tried camping but went home early because it started to rain. But not before making bird feeders by dipping peanut butter-covered pine cones in bird seed. I remember licking the peanut butter off my fingers and picking the sunflower seeds out of the bird seed. (Yeah, I was that kid.)

Another time we illustrated different constellations using a flashlight.   And we sang 'Kumbaya' a lot.   And we went on lots of fun (but random) field trips.

And cookies.   We sold cookies.  But not like this because the cookies basically sold themselves with minimum effort on our part beyond setting up shop outside of a grocery store on a cold day.  ('As I guarded the overflowing cash box and managed the crowd around our folding table, right then and there I knew I wanted to make my living by peddling a tax-free, highly addictive, recession-proof product with mass appeal, and very little overhead.'  I'm pretty sure that's a line from an unwritten autobiography I'd like to read.  We sold cookies to learn skillz, afterall...)

Aside from hanging out with my friends, I think I just liked collecting the patches and other paraphernalia.

Troop 1452 foreva!

I gave up Brownies so I'd have time to pursue other extracurricular activities (namely dance) but I realized I haven't quite stopped collecting the paraphernalia and trying to cop that scout style: Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, if it comes with a colorful and kitschy looking patch or pin or membership token...I want in.

This movie is adorable.   And I want to be a Khaki Scout.

I got this scarf from Madewell a few years ago...it's one of my favorites.   The navy blue design on a golden yellow background reminds me of the Cub Scout neckerchief and the beekeeper/bumblebee theme reminds me of my old school mascot.

Also, in blue...

I came across the following vintage Boy Scout coin purse when I was working at the thrift store.   (I know I highlighted some of my other favorite finds from when I worked at a thrift store before, but seriously, if you work at a thrift store, it quadruples your odds of coming across cool stuff.   Trade off: you work in a thrift store and also come across a lot of gross stuff.   So many stories to tell...)

It's official.

This is what's inside the box.

This is what's inside the zippered case.  Inside the box.  (...that crack built!  Loved that book!  And I love having organized coinage...)

Awhile back I came across a Brownie pocket knife from the sixties in an antique store and did some more research.  (Novelty pocket knives for kids were kind of a thing...)

I love the color and the little reminder on the reverse side reads 'Be wise, beware, use me with care' and is super cute and mini-er, pocket-sized.  I didn't really have an immediate need or use for a pocket knife (like that's stopped me from acquiring things before) but  I knew it'd make for an interesting necklace.

It wasn't until earlier this  month that I found an ideal chain for the necklace part on etsy.  (And the shop where I found it,  MadMadCrafter, is equally cool and worth a look-see.)  And once my fancy rhinestone-bead lanyard chain arrived *drum roll* I couldn't remember where I'd put the pocket knife.  This weekend they were finally united.

Awesome + Awesome = Awesome²

And there it is again, in action!  Compliments and street cred galore!  Okay, so that last video features switchblades, not pocket knives, but how could I not share that clip from West Side Story?  (PS: I finally joined the iPhone 5 party and am now on instagram @amberofmaryland)

This was an easy enough diy, just make sure the necklace you choose has a secure chain and/or lanyard hook strong enough to support the knife...and, more obviously, don't wear this to the airport.

Next, I found this bakelite Boy Scout compass.  I figured I'd switch it out with the Brownie pocket knife, but it's a little more massive than I thought...and it looks more like a pocket watch and, in turn, a Flavor Flav inspired clock necklace.  Not what I'm going for.

Love it anyway!

[More creative transition here] That's all the scout stuff I have...for now.  In other interesting/unexpected and time-telling necklace news,  I saw this round watch at Free People last week:

This is perfect for someone fidgety, such as myself...

The twirling-globe-on-an-axis design reminded me of this Martin Luther King, Jr. pendant I got from my grandmother years ago:

Whoa!  Look at that fancy animation!  Happy (belated) B-day MLK!

I'm going to see what other trinkets I can attach to my necklace.  I have lots of random charms, and some old keys and beads:

Is that a gorilla?

Why, yes.  Yes it is...

Endless possibilities...  Weee, I'm feeling so inspired lately!

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