Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reason #4,467 why I love Liz

Okay.  So it's no secret that I love older Liz Claiborne pieces.  And, as tempted as I am to keep this dress a secret until I can acquire it, I had to share it with you all:

Vintage Striped Military Dress

Striped shirtdress from the one and only Liz Claiborne.  And, I love that Liz's greatness is acknowledged in the description: 'Liz Claiborne in the 80s and 90s understood the modern sophisticated, independent woman.'  Co-sign... It's available for $38 in ARKCalifornia's vintage shop on etsy.  Buy it now.  Before I do.  (Sure, I already have a striped Liz dress but it's completely different...)   

In other vintage Liz news, remember that denim barn jacket I was drooling over?  I finally broke down and got it.  No regrets.  Like I said, it's great with a striped minidress (hell, any dress...) now and later with black skinny jeans and ankle boots:

It's Liz, bitchezzz!
With this one acquired, I'll probably be selling the fleece-sleeved denim baseball jacket so look for that in the shop soon.

And in other not-so-secret news, the Vintage Adoption Agency etsy shop is having a bit of a spring cleaning sale: 25% off of everything through the end of April!

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  1. you are the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the support and the flattery!