Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Destination Tee Shirt #2: Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Tee, estimated Small, SOLD

Vintage Adoption Agency Cocoa Beach and Chocolate Milk Chocolate Milk Image found here
Fresh Chocolate Milk from Cocoa Beach...

Cocoa Beach, Florida.  This shirt is a brighter, more primary yellow than the Daytona Beach tee.  I've always loved how the waves are brown, like cocoa, and fade into white because it reminds me of chocolate milk.  And could you imagine how delicious it would be to sail in a sea of chocolate milk?  I know it's child-like to imagine the literal interpretation of something and I imagine I'd be a disappointed kid if I had seen that Cocoa Beach wasn't chocolate milk... Anyway.

This shirt is 22.25 inches in length as measured from the center front neckline to hem and the bust is 16.75 inches across (undoubled) as measured underneath the sleeves.  No flaws noted.  It is slightly sheer but it's sheer in that authentic, had-it-for-ages way that's so much softer than all the too-sheer wannabe-vintage new shirts out there. (Attn designers: Stop making every single t-shirt out of that really sheer, crappy material that pills after one wear and two washes. It's for chumps!)

I got this t-shirt when I was in middle school (over a decade ago).  My mom's friend's aunt gave me a bag of vintage tees from the seventies and eighties and this is the last one I have left.  There was a gray 'Property of Alcatraz' one that I wore into the ground and there was a baseball tee with rainbow-striped sleeves and a silver glitter rose heat transfer on the front that I gave to my cousin.

There were a couple of really fitted 'baby' tees in the bag that I loved but was always too self-conscious to wear because my (newly sprouted) boobs distorted the pictures/letters across front.  That's never a good look in my opinion, unless you're in some kind of contest or maybe a Hooters girl, and I've sold a vintage Hooters tee before...  I think the graphic/design placement on this shirt is exceptionally flattering and boob-friendly, which isn't always the case.  I remember one of these little tees showed a scuba diver underwater with the caption "St Croix" and I remember seeing the EXACT same graphic on a t-shirt at Old Navy (when I thought Old Navy was cool*) and thinking I was so cool for owning my vintage original...So cool!

*Old Navy circa the late nineties was awesome.  Can we have a moment of silence for how awesome Old Navy was?  The commercials, the merchandise, the music in the stores...  (I remember everyone singing this at the bus stop like it was a Christmas carol and my mom and I dancing around the store, asking an employee about the song they were blasting.)  It was a magical moment in retail where the stars were aligned for them and they seemed to get all the 5 R's.  These days, Old Navy is like thrifting to me in that I just go in expecting to have a hit or miss experience.

Price for t-shirt is listed in USD.  Shipping is $6 and Paypal is the only accepted form of payment.  If you think you can provide a good home for this item, read over this and send me an e-mail at

All of the destination shirts and bags featured on the blog (plus a few that aren't) can also be found in the Vintage Adoption Agency Etsy shop! This shirt is part of my collection (obsession?) with souvenirs from random places that I've never been. I wrote about them here.

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