Saturday, October 6, 2012

Destination Tee Shirt #4: Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal

Miraflores Locks Tee, estimated Medium, SOLD

Nineties Neon Love.
Now we're going international!  Things I know about Panama: I vaguely remember learning about the Panama Canal (and Teddy Roosevelt and malaria) in the 9th grade.  I vividly remember learning the following mnemonic device for the countries of Central America: 'My goodness, but eating hot nachos causes pain!' in 8th grade.  I think I saw an episode of House Hunters International that featured Panama City and I think my neighbor went on a cruise through the Panama Canal.

I don't come across shirts from Panama often.  I love the nineties neon orange and yellow colorway happening and the ombre effect on the font.  The texture on the screen print is slightly raised and I see very slight traces of stray glitter flecks suggesting the shirt was a bit fancier at one point.  It's perfectly soft and the cut is more modern and less fitted.

Tag says shirt is a L or 42.  It is 23.5 inches long measured from center front neckline to hem ad 20.25 inches across the bust measured flat (undoubled) underneath the sleeves. 100% cotton.

Minor things to note: Two points on the inside where it's evident the shirt has been mended (but not evident from the outside, see pictures) and the hem is coming unstitched about four inches at the back left side.  Priced accordingly.

Price for t-shirt is listed in USD.  Shipping is $6 and Paypal is the only accepted form of payment.  If you think you can provide a good home for this item, read over this and send me an e-mail at

All of the destination shirts and bags featured on the blog (plus a few that aren't) can also be found in the Vintage Adoption Agency Etsy shop! This shirt is part of my collection (obsession?) with souvenirs from random places that I've never been. I wrote about them here.

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