Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red, White, and the Blues

Guys.  It's already July.  When did that happen?!  How is 2013 more than half over?  I'll just spend the next six months in bewilderment, marveling at how so much time can pass with so little getting accomplished while scrolling through my instagram feed, browsing my favorite online stores, catching up on DVR-ed programming, and having napping contests with my dog and cat.

Remember this?

Well.  I've always been my own worst enemy.  I am much further along with this little undertaking known as the Vintage Adoption Agency than I was when I first thought of it; it's a tangible thing you can see!  But, sometimes, I still feel behind schedule.  Part of that feeling is probably imagined and part of it is probably (definitely) my own fault for procrastinating.  Reading the results of this survey of other vintage sellers from vintage-loving patron saint Sammy Davis was the proverbial chill pill I needed a week ago.

Cue weepy, self-involved blog rant/confessional:  I L-O-V-E sharing vintage pieces with the world and selling vintage has been a process I'm still tweaking and building into something sustainable.  In the movie version, this is the tedious part where all the hard work takes place.  It's a montage in double-time set to some inspirational music.  In real life, there's no fast-forward button.  Some days, there's not even whistling while you work.

There are the imagined shortcomings and the actual setbacks.  Then there are the haters.  Not limited to my personal favorites: the well-meaning but skeptical older relative(s) anxious for you to give up and settle down and the condescending frenemy consciously complaining about the kind of #1stworldproblems you wish you had.  It's enough material to fill the verses of a rags-to-riches rap song.  But,'s all good.  This is my dream!  And I'm working hard to make it work and I'm hopeful.  I'm becoming an independent woman!  Because this is 'Murica, dammit!  And it's July!  Already!  Whose ready for Independence Day?

My low-key 4th of July look consists of classic summery pieces in a vaguely patriotic color scheme.  The vintage wicker basket-style purse is the closest I'll get to a Birkin bag, the white Lee cutoff bermuda shorts are cute but ill-advised since they're unlikely to stay white between consuming bbq-foods and sangria, the contast-sleeve tee from Madewell is a new favorite that reminds me of Edith A. Miller's, and the deadstock thrifted sneakers are made of a nice breathable woven linen material, although also ill-advised and likely to acquire a greenish patina from the backyard...I may be swapping them out for a pair of flat leather sandals.

Independence Day, patriotic color schemes, and gang affiliations (seriously?) aside, red, white and blue is an ideal summertime palette:  it's crisp and refreshing with a pop of color... Navy blue is one of my favorite colors and pairing it with white brightens it up.

This is my classier, alternate look for the 4th of July.  Assuming the shorts survived any unsightly food/beverage spillage, I could switch out the tomboy tee for this embroidered halter from Anthropologie.  I added a vintage leather belt to emphasize the waist.  And my feet will have the pop of red in the form of these wedges, also from Anthropologie, and also bought on sale...a few years ago (and still going strong!).

Navy and white looks even more timeless and nautical when it's done in stripes:

In the navy, baby!
The navy dress on the left is from my personal collection and it's from...Anthropologie.  (Geez, three items in one post? I'm not affiliated with them, I swear.  It was in their lounge section a few years ago, which was a good place to find summer dresses to wear outside of your lounge area because they were usually cheaper than the other day dresses.  I'm using past tense because I just did a quick check of their website and don't see any that prove my point.)  I belted it with the same vintage leather belt shown on the halter above and I paired it with my new favorite necklace, shown below.  The seventies dress in the middle has double straps and it also looks great belted.  Both the dress and the belt are in the shop.  The entire look on the right, including the empire dress, is in the shop, and the dress has the best nineties babydoll silhouette; an empire waist and short, a-line skirt.  And the 'stripe' pattern is actually columns of little flowers!

Can't forget to coordinate with the accessories...vintage Native American (the irony!) cuff on loan from my mother, wrench necklace from the über-talented Molly of Rackk and Ruin, and a thrifted shield pin.

In the shorts department, I've noticed a lot of red and/or white and/or blue happening:

The red and white gingham shorts (with welt pockets!) were made for a picnic and would be so retro with a white blouse tucked into them and a wide belt.  The striped shorts are new old stock; their tag announces they are 'the new fashion look mini short' and they'd be great with a chambray shirt.  The high-rise denim shorts have their own tie-belt, star-shaped pockets and a giant star patch on the backside.  The red high-rise pleated trouser shorts are from LizSport (but, of course) and the fit is really flattering.  (I also have an identical pair in teal.)  Speaking of Lizsport, I also have this red polka dot two-piece ensemble and two pairs of navy polka dot shorts headed to the shop:

I got the red ensemble and one pair of shorts at different thrift shops awhile back and a few months ago I came across the second pair of navy shorts.  They're more or less the same fit, but one pair was probably hemmed and the other has the original cuff.  They're preppy and playful... I don't know if I'd necessarily wear the red set together but I love the idea of pairing the vest with a silk blouse and high rise jeans and wearing the shorts with a casual tee.  80s Liz Claiborne, you've done it again!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Independence Day...or if you're not celebrating that, happy belated Canada Day and/or have a nice, relaxing Thursday evening and count your blessings on all the fingers you didn't lose in a freak fireworks-related accident.

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